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Making Your Home A Home

When it comes to picking out furniture, walking into a furniture store can be an overwhelming experience. Dining room furniture, living room furniture, and bedroom furniture become like the three big bad bears, where do you start first? Taking it one room at a time might be your best bet. Choosing furniture for your living room is a lot like picking out the clothes you’d like to wear; only in this case you don’t get the option to change what your furniture looks like everyday. With so many choices for furniture how do you know what is right for your space? What is going to be homey and comfortable, what is going to make your house truly feel like it is your home? Let’s take this one step at a time, shall we? Head to the living room section and let’s explore your couch options.

Sectional couch? Sleeper Sofa? How about fabric or leather? What are the different options and what is best for you?

Sleeper Sofas

A sleeper sofa is also known as a sofa-bed or bed-couch. These couches have seating cushions that have metal frames hidden inside of them. When these frames are unfolded they turn into a full sized bed, great for guests or even movie nights. If you entertain these couches are a nice additional bedding space for your guests to sleep on. Who doesn’t love the idea of having more bedding space?

Reclining Sofas

Need a good couch for reclining and watching movies? Reclining sofas have handles or buttons on the side that allow the couches to tilt backwards so that you can rest your back and enjoy your favorite film or indulge your company’s stories with comfort. Just try not to fall asleep! These couches are known for their comfort.

Knole Sette

These couches are more like your traditional sofas. With a bench and high backs and sides, these sofas date back the furthest. They look both regal and comforting. Growing up this is the type of couch that most people had in their homes. Coming in unique and varied patterns at times, even large flowers were the in trend at one point.

Sectional Couch

A sectional couch is perhaps the most popular as of late. With more room for more company these couches dress up every living room and make them both comfortable and inviting. These couches combine multiple sections that all fit together to form one large couch. Some of them even have recliners included for maximum comfort!

Another big part of choosing your unique and fun couch is the upholstery. From linen to leather sofas there is a type for everyone! While linen sofas are at times more difficult to clean stains out of, leather can be cold in the dead of winter. The type of upholstery you pick for your couch is unique to you, just keep in mind your situation and how difficult or easy some of these fabrics will be for you to keep clean and take care of. 81% of consumers do admit after all that the quality of their couch is their most desired aspect for picking out their furniture.

So weather it be leather sectional couch or a cotton sleeper sofa, be sure that it is the right choice for you! Before you know it your living room might just be your favorite room in your entire home! So be sure to pair it with a fun and funky coffee table that represents who you are and get to town entertaining your friends. These are the memories that you’ll hold onto forever after all. Find a design that represents your own personality and show it off!

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