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Key Examinations and Senior Pedicure Services by a Caregiver

The idea of a pedicure is often overlooked by some people, but when it comes to seniors’ overall health, maintaining proper nail care is an essential element that helps avoid podiatric issues which cause mobility problems and affect the quality of life.
Senior pedicure service is offered to elders with reduced range of mobility making them unable to take care of their nails.

Elderly foot care is a service offered by family home caregivers who are specialized in both manicure and pedicure for seniors. This is no job for the faint heart as it often involves trimming thick hard to cut nails, that are sometimes hard to reach and often bent. It also involves a lot of caution considering that improper trimmed senior nails can cause ingrown or infection which is extremely painful.

Key Examinations and Senior Pedicure Services by a Caregiver

Individuals and local senior centers benefit from senior pedicure services which is particularly important for patients with common foot problems as a result of diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases that make blood not circulate properly in the feet. Here’s a list of elderly foot care services you can expect from a caregiver.

1. Check for Common Foot Problems

Whether you’re looking for just a regular pedicure or your loved one is suffering from a serious foot problem, home expert caregivers will examine your loved one’s feet to check for common podiatric issues, such as poor circulation, diabetes and arthritis. Some of the common symptoms associated with foot problems include splinters, bunions, calluses, cracks, heel spurs and blisters that take long to heal.

2. Toe Nail Care

While there are several reasons why some people are more predisposed to ingrown toenails than others, improper trimming is the main cause that causes ingrown toenails, especially in older adults. It is a serious condition that could cause a loved one’s feet to be amputated. As such, home caregivers are expected to handle their patients’ feet with the utmost care by administering proper nail trimming and filing.

3. Examine Socks and Shoes

Foot pain as a result of poor blood circulation in the feet could be caused by wearing socks that are too tight or ill-fitting shoes. Seamless socks especially those made of acrylic and not pure cotton are highly recommended because they are effective in reducing moisture buildup inside the shoes. Seniors with poor circulation are also advised to wear more open shoes, closed-toe sandals preferably.

4. Aesthetic Pedicure Services

In addition to nail trimming, other senior pedicure services seniors can enjoy include foot baths and moisturizing.

  • Foot Baths
  • Another common podiatric issue commonly with the elderly is foot odor. However, this condition can be well managed with foot baths which fights off bad odor and treats stinky feet. Caregivers can also recommend antibacterial foot sprays that inhibit the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria.

    Foot baths are also known to soothe aching feet by relaxing muscle tension, which is the cause of most foot problems. This type of elderly foot care offers more than health benefits, it helps improve the quality of life of seniors

Lastly, veteran home caregivers recommend that seniors should learn and make it a routine to stretch their feet in aid to rejuvenate and loosen tense muscles. The idea of a caregiver is to ensure the senior’s feet are closely examined to check for injuries before they worsen into an infection.

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