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Keep Your Mattress Dry and More Comfortable With These Options


If you are concerned about keeping all of the mattresses in your home, dry and comfortable, you will find that there are a lot of products out of the market to help with that. Newer products for this address several needs. they are all designed to limit or eliminate mattress damage and prevent people from having to launder their bedding more often than they want to. From waterproof mattresses to waterproof mattress protectors, there are a lot of options.

One thing to think about when you are looking at waterproof mattress protectors is bacteria protection. Many, but not all, waterproof mattress protectors can have anti-bacterial agents added. Bacterial growth can lead to illness, and cause discoloration and other damage to your mattress.

Many of these waterproof mattress protectors are more comfortable to sleep on because they are breathable and stay cooler because they do not reflect the body heat back to the person who is sleeping on them.

Not all waterproof bedding bedding options are the same. There are some waterproof mattress protectors such as pads that can provide protection from moisture but are also very absorbent. There are pads that are able to take in up to six cups of liquid.

There are mattress protectors made from vinyl. Vinyl, waterproof mattress protectors are normally zippered. They can provide your mattress with protection from dust mites, bad smells, any allergens and, of course, liquids. These give you a very inexpensive way to protect your mattresses and add years to their lifespan. The mattress is completely wrapped in the protective vinyl and no moisture is able to get in. This means that you will not have any problems wth mold and mildew, which can destroy the mattress. These are also very easy to clean and care for. All that you need is a damp cloth or rag. You can look at different thicknesses depending on your needs. If you need a thicker cover, you can go with the 6 gauge vinyl, which is considered to be more industrial. Most homeowners find a standard 3 gauge vinyl works well, too.

There are under pads for your mattresses. If your concern is more for your sheets than the mattress, you may can get mattress pads that block small and medium spills or accidents. These are soft, quilted sections of fabric that have a waterproof layer added to offer your sheets protection from moisture. Again, you have a number of options when it comes to the size and they are made to fit just about every size bed that is available today. There are saddle type pads that work best on full or twin mattresses. They also have side panels that can be tucked between the box spring and the mattress to keep them in place while the person is sleeping. These can be washed alongside your sheets and other bedding items.

Mattress covers are another option. Most upscale hotels use mattress covers on their beds. These are lightweight, breathable and totally waterproof. These kinds of waterproof mattress protectors are great. They can also be washed along with other bedding such as sheets or blankets. They have a thin terrycloth top and a polyurethane layer that will keep the moisture from getting to the sheets. The top layer is very soft and comfortable and the waterproof layer is light and silent. Often, people who are sleeping on one of these waterproof covers never have any idea that it is even there.

It should be noted that there are a number of reasons for wanting to use waterproof mattress protectors and waterproof sheets. Many people think of kids who have problems with bedwetting but that is just one of the many reasons people need these products to protect their bedding. Having something to protect your bedding can be critical if you run an Air Bandamp;B where you have different people coming and going. If you manage other kinds of rental properties or camps, this is something that probably concerns you. These waterproof options are good for babies, people with problems involving incontinence and people who own animals.

If you need waterproof options, you can find waterproof fitted sheets, waterproof crib sheets and even protective pillow cases.

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