Infant Cake Smashes Are Incredible!

Infant photographers are always looking for the newest angle. Who doesn’t love seeing babies? They are absolutely adorable. They do the funniest things as they explore a world that is still completely new to them. Infant photographers attempt to capture this exploration and discovery with photos.

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In this video, you will see a new trend that is astonishingly adorable.

Babies love to touch and feel new things. They especially like cake. Therefore, why not combine the two? The newest trend, cake smashes, are when a baby is given a small cake to play with. This normally results with the baby touching the cake and eventually smashing it by grabbing handfuls at a time to eat. Who needs a fork anyway? This makes for some hilarious action shots of babies with cake smeared all over them. They are smiling and laughing too.

This particular video starts with the baby cautiously grabbing some of the blue frosting off of the cake. He then feels it between his fingers. He then grabs a larger handful of frosting and rubs it on the ground. After a little bit, he grabs handfuls of frosting at a time. The smile and laughter says a thousand words. He then proceeds to start tasting the cake and finds that it is delicious. To see what happens next, watch the rest of the video.


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