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How Your New Baby Can Benefit From Cashmere

Whether you are looking for yourself or a friend, finding the best gifts for new parents doesn’t have to be hard. One quality item you should invest in is a cashmere baby wrap, or breastfeeding wrap.

Why Cashmere?

  • Cashmere as a material can help soothe infants, as it is soft and non-irritating to their delicate and sensitive skin. Cotton or linen blankets can be courser, and run a chance for chafing a baby’s skin. The softness of cashmere, however, can help reduce infant restlessness, and help them fall asleep and stay asleep longer.
  • Research has also found a correlation between this deeper peaceful sleep, and a faster growth rate in infants. This can benefit them with a healthier development both physically and cognitively.
  • Cashmere also works as a great insulator, keeping babies warm in cold weather, and cooler in warmer months. It works to help regulate body temperature so that your baby can be as comfortable as possible, which can help especially with fussy babies.
  • This material is also fairly water resistant, and has the ability to absorb water without feeling damp or uncomfortable to the touch. This helps keep your baby dry and happy, in any types of weather.
  • Cashmere also has the ability to resist bacteria, meaning no matter what your cashmere baby blanket will continue to smell great for as long as you use it.
  • Another reason using cashmere for babies is a good idea, is because it is completely hypoallergenic. This means there is no need to worry about your baby’s sensitive skin becoming irritated by this material.

These are just some of the largest benefits that many people don’t realize come with cashmere, but they are something to keep in mind when you are looking for the best breastfeeding wrap or swaddling cloths.

Cashmere can also make for an exquisite and luxurious breastfeeding cover, that is both comfortable for mother and baby. Additionally, breastfeeding wraps can also double as slings that can allow you to wear your baby comfortably on your chest. The benefits of this can be:

  • It is a more environmentally friendly mode of transport than strollers, as when your baby has outgrown it, there is nothing that needs to be thrown away. Slings made of cashmere are biodegradable, and require less energy to manufacture.
  • Using a sling can help promote physical development, because it keeps them in a position that doesn’t hinder digestion or cause developmental delays in lower regions.
  • Babies carried in a sling are also less stressed because they are in contact with their mothers body. This closeness makes them feel more secure, and can help with bonding and even mental development.
  • As mentioned above, keeping a baby in a sling can help promote bonding between baby and mom. This method allows for easy communication and eye contact that can help build trust and security in the baby.
  • Carrying your baby in a sling allows you an easy hands free method of transport. This means you can attend to other tasks, or your other children, without worrying about your littlest one being out of reach.

If you are looking for the best breastfeeding wraps, blankets, or other cloth items to help keep your new baby as happy and comfortable as possible, consider the benefits of cashmere; both you and you little one will absolutely love it.

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