How to Throw a Backyard Wedding Your Guests Will Rave About

Are you thinking of throwing a backyard wedding? There are a lot of reasons why this can be an awesome idea. You will find that backyard weddings can be quite sentimental. You will essentially be having your big day at the place that you grew up in or some place that means a lot to you or your partner. Some people want weddings that are intimate and that feel more celebratory than fancy. A backyard wedding is also a great move to cut costs. You won’t have to pay for a venue, and a venue can be quite expensive.

Apart from that, you can also choose whatever date you want since it will be your backyard. Whatever the reason, there are ways to ensure that your backyard wedding is a blast. However, for things to go according to plan, you need to plan ahead. You don’t want to start worrying about varicose veins and orthodontics just a few days before the wedding. Here are some things you can do to plan for the best backyard wedding.

Set the Mood

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to how to throw a backyard wedding mood. It’s important for you to be very comfortable at your wedding. After all, that’s probably one of the reasons why you chose a backyard wedding. Think about what sort of mood you want. For instance, do you want a playful environment with lots of games, or do you want something intimate with string light? You can also have a daytime garden party affair type of wedding. Once you have figured out the theme, you can easily start planning and getting everything needed so you can set the right mood.

Pick Your Colors

When it comes to how to throw a backyard wedding, there are no limits design-wise. You can choose any color palette that you want. You are not restricted in any way by the decor of the venue. You can go with an earthy feel. This means you will want to look at the colors on the flowerbeds, grass, and trees in your yard. You can also add some vibrant pops of color in florals, and linens.

If there are any distinctive architectural elements in your background, you can pick colors that complement and highlight those unique items. If you aren’t sure what colors to use, you can find someone who specializes in wedding decor to give you some tips.

Consider the Season

Season is also important when it comes to how to throw a backyard wedding. The wedding won’t be successful if it ends up raining and you are not prepared. So think about whether or not you will need protection from the sun, or if you are going to need heaters or misters. It’s also crucial to ensure that you don’t end up with swarms of mosquitoes terrorizing your guests. If your guests are to be impressed, they have to be very comfortable with no distractions. Consider all these things. No matter the time of year, you must always plan for rain. It can be a good idea to cover the space with a tent, so you don’t end up running in search of shelter during the proceedings.

Choose a Focal Point for the Ceremony

It’s important to plan everything, including where the ceremony will take place. This means you also need to think about where the guests will sit or stand. Perhaps there is a large tree that you can use as a focal point. If you don’t have one, you can also just set a stage. There are lots of DIY installations that you can do. For instance, you can frame the space with florals. Some couples use old barn doors, or they just throw in tons of leafy greens. The most important part of how to throw a backyard wedding is to figure out where you want the ceremony to happen, and then you can work from there.

After you have figured out where you want the ceremony to be, you can then consider your guests. There are several setups that you can adopt. Your guests can form a circle around you, or they can sit facing the front. Your terrain can also help you when it comes to the arrangement of the guests. You should also consider the reception. Sometimes just scattering tables all over the yard can work wonders. Some people prefer to have a long family-style table. Additionally, you should also figure out how to place the dance floor. If there isn’t space already, it means you will have to bring in a floor? This is all-important when you are trying to figure out how to throw a backyard wedding.

Table Assignment

While a backyard wedding reception dinner will likely be more relaxed and fun, it helps to organize things and plan in advance. If you just leave it up to your guests to choose their own seats, you can end up in a situation where your most important family members end up without comfortable seats. This will not be a good thing. For instance, your mother won’t be as fast as your younger friends when it comes to finding the best seat. It won’t be proper to have her seated in the far back corner where she won’t have a good view of the bride and groom. Your closest relatives and friends should be at the heart of the action, not stuck somewhere where they can even see what’s happening.

Think of Way to Make the Venue Special

A traditional wedding venue comes with everything you need to do a wedding. For instance, you will find things like chairs, plates, tables, and glasses already there. On the other hand, when it comes to how to throw a backyard wedding, you need to figure out how to get these things on your own. The best way is to rent. Make sure you think of the general design of the wedding as you are renting things. You can rent anything from lounge pieces, glassware, and every other necessity to make the tablescape just right.

Prepare Your Backyard Ahead of Time

Time moves fast. When it comes to preparing your backyard for your wedding day, you need to start way ahead of time. It won’t be good for you to start scrambling for mulch, large hose clamps, tools, and wax the day before so you can try and get the yard ready. You need to think about what you want the yard to look like months before the wedding. This means you must look into things like lawn maintenance, florals, mulching, and any other preparation that will add to the magic. You need to make use of natural decor. As the wedding date approaches, make sure you double-check any set timers for sprinklers and lights.

Does Your Home Have All the Necessary Amenities?

If you are planning to have a small wedding, then you can probably get away with having one bathroom. However, if you want to host more than 20 people, then you will certainly need more than that. The good thing is you can always find portable bathrooms to rent. While this is probably not the nicest setup, you will be able to get some nice restroom trailers for your guests to use. That way, people won’t end up queuing for the restroom.

You also need to think about valet and parking. This is one thing that most people may overlook. However, if you want a memorable wedding, you should ensure that things are convenient for everyone. If there isn’t enough space in your yard, then it might be a good idea to find a nearby parking lot. For instance, you can get parking at a nearby school. If your guests aren’t coming from too far away, you can also arrange transport for them.

Power And Electrical

There are a lot of electricals that you will need to connect at your wedding. For instance, the sound system, lighting, catering for weddings. All these items are going to consume a lot of power. Sometimes it can even be more than what your home can handle. To ensure that you don’t end up with a blown fuse or that you don’t end up compromising the entire neighborhood, you should find a generator to rent for additional power. You must first check with your caterer to find out what equipment they are going to be using. It’s also advisable to find out from the DJ how much power he or she needs for the music setup. That way, you can get an idea of what type and size of generator you need.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Before your wedding, you will also need to inform your neighbors that you plan to host an event in your backyard. That way, they can easily plan ahead and rearrange any plans they might have had. It’s crucial to give them as many details as you can. For instance, they need to know the exact time of the ceremony and where your guests are going to part. This will let them know they need to be extra quiet and not do any activities that might get in the way of your proceedings.

It’s best to approach your neighbors and talk to them in person. You must also give them a written schedule so that they have all the details they need for the day of your wedding. You can even bring them a small gift. It’s important to ensure that everyone is happy if you want a wedding that people will rave about. You don’t want to end up having your neighbors calling the police because of too much noise.

The Perfect Cocktail Hour

To make your wedding more interesting, consider throwing in a cocktail hour. Since your guests won’t be leaving the yard between events, it helps to just have everything in one place. Your cocktail hour will be the perfect time for your guests to mingle casually. This will enable everyone to easily transition from ceremony mode to party mode. If you are planning to take some wedding pictures, a cocktail hour is a great way to keep your guests entertained while you are away. For the perfect cocktail hour, look into wet bar design.

Light Up the Night

If you want to create a nice mood for your wedding, there is no better way to do it than with lighting. Keep in mind that your backyard will likely not have built-in lighting sources, and there is a lot you will need to do to ensure that the wedding is properly lit. You can install some twinkle lights or strings of cafe lights in the trees. Some people love lanterns with candles. You can also throw in some chandeliers and clusters of votives. This is an awesome way to create a romantic atmosphere for your wedding and make it memorable. If you are wondering how your pictures will look under different types of lighting, you can look at some wedding photos online.

Have Your Vendors Visit Your Property

When you are trying to figure out how to throw a backyard wedding, you will likely end up working with caterers and tent rental companies. These service providers will need to see your property first before the wedding. A tent rental company will have to check if you have the space needed for a shade. The catering company will take a look at your kitchen and see what else they need to bring in. For instance, they might need some warming devices for food. That way, all your vendors can provide you with a proper quote.

It’s also important for you to do a complete run-through of the property before the wedding. This is a crucial part of how to throw a backyard wedding. Think about where the guests will be from the time they arrive at the time they say goodbye. This will help you ensure that all bases are covered. Also, think about whether it’s necessary to make some sections of your home off-limits. There could also be areas that guests need to be aware of for their own safety. For instance, if there is water damage or somewhere with a loose gutter.

These are some of the things you will need to consider when you are trying to figure out how to throw a backyard wedding. Remember to always think about your guests as you are making your plans. As much as the wedding is about you and your partner, it’s also about the people that you invite.

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