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How to Stay Safe While Online Dating

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If you have just begun dating online then there are a few things that you should know about before you delve in. Safe online dating sites are very popular and widely accepted nowadays. Many people use online dating to find companionship as well as long term relationships. It has become a great way to meet people. There are always new dating websites popping up every day for more and more usage. However, the problem with new dating websites is that you can never be sure how secure they are because they don’t have a reputation or many reviews yet. While online dating is a great source for meeting people, it is not without it’s risks and if you want to use new dating websites that are not that well known then there are a few things that you should do to protect yourself.

  1. Hide Your Identity
    There’s no reason to disclose all your information at one go. In fact, being a little mysterious is the best way to interest someone. Don’t put any personal information besides maybe your age and picture and interests on to your profile. Don’t share contact information or your real name. Decide on a handle that you can use until you are comfortable enough to give out your name and only communicate through the website itself until you are ready to take the next step. Hiding this information can deter predators that have wandered onto the side looking for easy victims; that’s the key word here- easy. If you don’t make things easy for them, they will probably just move on to the next victim.

  2. Assign an Email Address
    Once you do get to the point where you’d like to communicate outside of the website, then you can offer your email address. This will show the other person that you are ready to take the next step but are still trying to take it slow. If they are a respectable person, they will honor that and not try to push you into giving out more information than you want to. You should assign an email address that is specifically for online dating purposes. It should not have your name or any personal information in it but be fun and lighthearted. This way, you are still not sharing anymore than what is necessary but are indicating that you are serious about this.

  3. Meet in the Open Air
    Once you decide that you want to meet someone, it’s always a good idea to make it a day date first. Something about the sunlight deters people from trying anything out of the ordinary. The date should take place out in the open where you know there will be a lot of people around. Don’t progress to secluded night time dates until you are 100 percent sure that this person is legitimate. Even then, you should always let someone know where you are going to be and what time you expect to be home so then if they don’t hear from you, they will know to check up you. Chances are, the date is going better than expected but in the off chance that something has gone wrong, at least someone knows where you are.

Keeping safe while using dating websites is very important. If you suspect that some one is trying to prey on you, you should report it immediately. That’s the only way that these new dating websites will be able to get any better and safer. Sadly there are people will less than perfect intentions wherever you go, not just on the Internet and you need to protect yourself at all times. However, it’s a lot easier for cowards to become predators when they can hide behind their computer screens and use their technological skills to lure in vulnerable people. Predators understand that some people are so desperate to find love and that is why they are on the websites and so they will use that to their advantage. They tend to make sure they have a lot of things in common and will talk and talk until the person begins sharing information with them that they can use to steal their identity or worse. Try not to be cynical but be careful.

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