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How to Sell Your Home in 90 Days or Less

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So many real estate agents have found themselves in this predicament: your client say is so busy looking a dream homes that they aren’t quite focusing on selling the one they have. You’ve tried saying “You can think about buying your dream house just as soon as your long-time home is off the market,” but your message has fallen on deaf ears. These are a few steps you can follow when listing a property to help it move toward “SOLD!”.

Target first-time home buyers
First-time home buyers make up about 40% of the people out there on the housing market. They are inexperienced and more likely to act impulsively. In addition, you’ll have great luck with married folks. 65% of homes sold recently were to married individuals. This also makes financing more likely because two incomes are better than one!

Target transplants
Just 58% of people now-a-days are moving within their state. The other 42% are folks who have uprooted their lives for a whole new place. This means that if the home your are listing is in a less-than-perfect area, transplants are more likely to be open minded! Even transplants who are working with a realtor may be easier to convince of the merits of a home than a potential buyer who is familiar with the area.

Make sure you are hip to the new technologies
Many buyers are using there mobile devices to look at home prices and research amenities and communities. If you aren’t listed on Zillow or other home selling sites, you could really be missing out. A good real estate agent utilizes all platforms to sell a home.

Everyone knows that the longer a house is on the market, the more its value decreases. You want to sell the home quickly and help your clients move on to hunting for their forever dream home.

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