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How To Best Organize A Small Crafting Space

Crafting has become more common than ever before, particularly in the United States. In fact, the average household where crafting takes place has risen to include more than sixty percent of all households just in the United States alone. This shows a distinct climb since the year of 2010, when crafting was only present in just over fifty five percent of all households. And there are now more than twenty million quilters alone all throughout this country, let alone other types of crafting that have become common and hugely popular in the same span of time, such as knitting, scrapbooking, and embroidery. Many people are even taking their crafting experience to the next level, marketing their skills and completed projects for sale on sites like Etsy, where they can build up a loyal customer base. In fact, in a survey conducted of five thousand and five hundred crafters on Etsy, it was found that nearly three quarters (seventy five percent, to be exact) said that they considered their Etsy shop to be a legitimate business, and not just a hobby. Of these people, nearly all (ninety seven percent, to be exact) worked from a home office.

If you are such a person, whether you craft for fun or as a way to earn money, it is likely that you are working out of your home – and often out of a very small space. Small spaces can certainly be difficult to organize, especially if you have multiple projects going on at once, but it is definitely doable with the use of things such as closet organizer stores. Closet organizer stores will have many tools that you can use for your organizational purposes of your craft space, such as a white cube organizer, even if you do not have closet space.

Closet organizer stores will also have storage implements for any space, ranging from stackable modular cubes to multifunctional furniture for small spaces, such as that of the file bench. Closet organizer stores will also have storage items such as hanging craft storage, making closet organizer stores more versatile than you might have originally thought. And if you are someone looking for a good deal, someone who might ordinarily think that closet organizer stores are overpriced, keeping your eye out for a good home sale can be a way to get the storage implements you might need for your crafting space for much less expensive than they would originally be priced.

And using closet organizer stores to have an organized crafting space where you can conduct your work in peace is more than a good idea, especially if you craft as part of a business and not just as a hobby. Not only will a very organized craft space allow you to work on your crafting projects with far less stress, it will also likely even increase you productivity, as it will allow you to work at a quicker pace and more persistently, as you won’t be distracted by whatever you are trying to find, as everything will be highly organized and therefore easily located.

Crafting is a common past time in the United States and even in many countries and places beyond it. Crafting is not only a good way to promote stress relief and relaxation (as well as a boost of confidence as you see your skills continue to grow and develop over the course of time) but it is also becoming a viable way to earn money and make a business for many people all throughout the United States and beyond it, providing income and passion in a career that they love.

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