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How to Begin the Process of Updating Your Home’s Decor

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If it’s been a while since you updated your home’s decor, you’re probably ready to do so now. Since a home’s surroundings have the ability to affect a person’s mood and state-of-mind, making a few changes may be just what’s needed to create a more positive and uplifting environment. What follows are a few tips to begin the process.

Home Decorating Survey Results

You may be interested to know that a recent Houzz home decorating survey found that 47% of Americans hadn’t updated their homes in 5 years, and 9% hadn’t done so in over 10 years. Just 20% of the participants stated that they were happy about their home’s decor, and only 2% indicated that they had “achieved their ultimate vision.” The survey also showed that 14% of the participants felt gloomy and stressed about their home furnishings.

Purchase New Furniture
There’s a good chance that purchasing new furniture can lift that gloom. A Regency coffee table may be just what is needed in the living room. In addition to a Regency coffee table, why not add a Regency sofa as well?

Bring in More Light

Poor lighting can also create a gloomy mood throughout a home. This, too, is an easy issue to solve. When you hang a modern pendant lamp in your dining room, a Serge Mouille lamp in your living room, and an Arne Jacobsen lamp on your home office’s desk, you will definitely brighten up these spaces.

Create a Spring Cleaning Plan

Another way to banish the gloom is to engage in a good spring cleaning. Whether you have a medium-sized or a large home, it may feel like a daunting task; however, it can become more manageable when you have a workable system. Have you considered creating a list of tasks and estimating a specific amount of time to complete each of them? While some of these tasks may only take 10 minutes to complete, others may take 30 minutes to an hour or longer. Just commit to doing a single task every day, cross it off the list, and within a month, your entire home will be clean and uncluttered.

Engage in Decluttering and Reorganizing

Decluttering and reorganizing can also relieve stress. When you take action in the form of reorganizing and decluttering drawers, cupboards, closets, and shelves, chances are that you’ll notice feel the stress just slipping away. Rearranging furniture, changing the drapes and other household textiles can also make a positive impact on your mood. You also want to be sure that your Regency coffee table only contains a few carefully-chosen items.

Create a Gallery Wall

If you’ve taken everything of of the walls in your living room to create a new gallery wall, remember to leave a 3-inch spaces between the frames. It’s also a good idea to group objects in 3s or other odd numbers. This is because odd numbers are more appealing and eye-catching.

Enjoy Your Revitalized Space

After you’ve revitalized your home, be sure to enjoy what you’ve created. Chances are that you’ll be inspired to spend more time at home just relaxing or entertaining family and friends.

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