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Give the Perfect Gift of Floral Arrangements

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Do you hesitate when it comes to purchasing flowers for your loved one? Are you worried that they are too generic or that they do not require enough gift giving thought? Flowers have been a sign of forgiveness, love, and appreciation for many years. Yet, some associate that longevity with blandness. How can you show your loved one that you actually did put a lot of thought into their floral gift? How can you improve upon the flower gift giving tradition?

Give flowers just because
Flowers may not seem like an appropriate gift to some on gift giving holidays. However, when you give flowers as a ?just because? gift, they seem like more than enough. Remember to show your appreciation even when a holiday does not tell you to do so. Stop by your local florist on the way home from work and surprise your wife with a ?just because? gift. Visit local flower shops in your area to pick up a ?thank you? floral arrangement for your child?s teacher. They will appreciate the thought and it will mean more because no specific holiday required it.

Flowers are not just romantic
Flowers have been considered a romantic gift for many years. However, they are much more than that. They are also a symbol of friendship, appreciation, and empathy. Purchase flowers from your local flower shops for people who might otherwise not receive flowers. Surprise your mailman, personal assistant, or the friendly cashier at your favorite supermarket with a bunch of flowers. Flower shops have all types of flowers for different occasions. Consult with them on giving the message you desire.

Personalize floral arrangements
Flower shops also have the ability to personalize floral arrangements. Think of the person that you are purchasing flowers for. Consider their favorite colors and favorite smells. Putting that extra thought into the flower buying process instantly makes it a better and more personalized gift. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 66% of those celebrating Mother?s Day will buy mom flowers, spending an estimated $2.4 billion in 2016. Instead of giving her the first floral arrangement you come across, consider specialty floral arrangements.

Specialty floral arrangements might include flowers with unique messages tucked into them about what makes you most appreciate about her. Consider improving the benefit of the floral arrangement by purchasing her a type of flower or plant that can be planted into her garden. She can keep the gift for years to come and watch it grow into something more beautiful.

Begin your own tradition
Some people do not agree with flower gift giving because it is a forced tradition. Instead, create your own tradition. Give your spouse their favorite anniversary flowers every year. Perhaps change it up by giving them their floral arrangement on the date that you started dating, rather than the wedding date. Start a tradition of flower giving with your daughter on her birthday. She will appreciate the memories and the tradition for many years to come.

Buy flowers for yourself
Do not be afraid to buy flowers for yourself. Flowers do not always have to be a gift. In fact, 63% of flowers are purchased for oneself, and 37% of flowers are purchased as gifts. Even about 15% of American women will send themselves flowers on February 14th. If you enjoy flowers, purchase them. Decorate your house with multiple types of fresh smelling flowers. Build your garden with many different floral arrangements. Flowers are meant to be enjoyed, it does not matter who gives them to you or why they gave them to you.

Although flowers have many positive symbols associated with them, some people see them as a thoughtless gift. Flower gift giving does not have to be seen as thoughtless, as long as you consider your recipients preferences and personality. Increase the thought of floral gift giving by personalizing the floral arrangement, giving flowers on non traditional days, and creating new traditions surrounding floral arrangements. Bring the joy and appreciation back into the idea of giving flowers.

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