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Education Is A Journey Expanding Your Child’s Horizons With The Best Preprimary Day Care

As a parent you’re always concerned about where your child could end up in the future.

You want them to graduate school with flying colors. You hope with all your might they find something in life that fulfills them. While there’s no way to predict what the future holds, there are ways of setting up a strong foundation. The benefits of private school education and quality day care are one way of getting there. Offering your child the means of learning essential skills in a more supportive environment, the shift from public to private is becoming more stark than ever before.

What are the notable advantages of attending private schools and preprimary day care? Learn about the difference a simple switch in resources can make for your little one.

Many parents today are actively concerned about their child’s education. When they’re not worrying about safety they’re worried about the quality of the school itself. A recent study on the issue of good education saw 25% of public school teachers reporting lack of parental involvement being a major problem. Another 20% also stated student apathy is a notable problem, getting in the way of finished studies and involved classes. When’s the last time you asked yourself if the environment you chose could be better for your child?

Private schools, on the other hand, are offering parents and children a way out. Census data reports nearly three million students being enrolled in private elementary schools back in 2016. Private schools offer not just higher learning standards, but more individualized experiences. Classroom sizes are much smaller than what you would find in public schools, which tends to average one teacher for every 30 students. No matter the current struggles your child is going through, a better education will propel them up, not down.

The best private education creates results that last a lifetime. One study revealed over 90% of non-parochial private high school graduates go on to a four-year postsecondary institution. Another saw the national average private school SAT score being around 1235. Compare this to the national average for public schools, which hovers closer to 1060. The advantages of private schools stretches well beyond the present day, keeping in mind the bright future all parents want to see their children enjoy.

Is your child preschool age? Consider signing them up with the best preprimary day care. Among the three to five year-olds enrolled in preschool programs back in 2015, around 50% attended full day programs that offered a variety of essential educational resources. The earlier your child starts their education, the better. Scientific studies have proven children learn the most information during their first six years — preprimary day care will offer important hands-on experiences with socialization, writing, problem-solving, and more.

It’s time to stop worrying about your child’s education and start looking forward to it. The benefits of private school have been changing the lives of countless families across the United States, whether it’s a toddler entering private preprimary or a teenager switching high schools. A study on the phenomenon found counselors at private institutions stating they spend 55% of their time on college counseling. You can find variations on the private school in the form of an art high school or a preprimary day care. One way or another, there are resources available to give your child the lift up they need.

Give your child the best possible head start. Send them to a private school that embraces, not stifles, their individuality.

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