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Donating Your Old School Clothing Items for a Good Cause

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Summer is over and back to school season is upon us. For many families, back to school time means an expensive shopping trip that includes school supplies and new clothing items for the school year. Most children still have some clothing items in their closets that they will never wear again, or that do not fit them. The back to school season is the perfect time to go through closets for unused and poorly fitting clothing items, making room for the new items. It is also a great time to sift through closets because the summer weather will soon be replaced with winter and that means colder weather clothing. It is likely that by the time summer comes back around, your children will have grown out of these items. Donating your used clothing items can actually provide many benefits to those in need.

Americans consume nearly 20 billion garments a year. That is 68 garments and 7 pairs of shoes per person or more than one piece of clothing purchased each week. Many Americans shop for pleasure, purchasing new clothing items when they have a full closet at home. Regularly cleaning out your closet and donating these items not only provides assistance to those in need, it also makes more room for your new clothing items and gives you a less cluttered space. Anyone with children can appreciate the feeling of decluttering a room, even if it is just a closet.

The American Red Cross is a great place to donate your unwanted clothing items to. They provide assistance to many different types of people and the clothing items benefit these people in a variety of ways. Sometimes these clothing items may be used directly for a donation, providing those in need with clothing for all seasons. Other times, these donated clothing items will be sold for a discounted price, in order to raise money for additional needs of those in need, such as medical care, food and water and a home. For 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, the American Red Cross provides relief for families and communities in the form of blankets, food, blood and shelter. The unused and unwanted clothing items in your families closets can actually help improve this cause!

American Red Cross clothing donations are important to their ability to help others. Without these clothing donations, they would have less money to help others with. The American Red Cross also makes it very simple and convenient for those who wish to donate their used items. A Red Cross clothing pickup can be arranged. The Red Cross clothing pickup is often scheduled ahead of time and the clothing items can be left outside, where someone will pick them up for you. A Red Cross clothing pickup can also be arranged to actually transport the clothing items out of your home for you. The items will be transported to the clothing donation center, where they will be sifted through for usability. This takes all of the work of donating from you, making it simple to donate clothes.

The American National Red Cross is the 13th largest U.S. charity as ranked by private donations. It received $687 million in 2014 in private donations. In other words, the American Red Cross relies on these private donations. Whether you drop your clothing items off at the donation center or you arrange for a Red Cross clothing pickup, the items that you donate are crucial to their assistance.

Back to school time often means shopping for new clothing items. Most household closets contain a lot of clothing items that get no use. They may be out of season or no longer fit the owner. Either way, donating those clothing items can help out those in need and can free up more closet space for your items. The American Red Cross relies on private donations to be able to assist others every single day of the year. You can simply drop your donated clothing items off to a donation center or you can even arrange for a clothing pick up, making the entire process convenient and easy for you.

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