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Choosing the Perfect Comfortable Chair

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Everyone wants at least one comfortable chair for their home. You need a good piece of furniture that matches your living room decor while also providing you with the right comfort for your needs. If you’re in the market for the right kind of chair, read on for some tips for getting the best one.

Think Carefully About What You Want

What do you do to relax? Do you want to use this chair for reading, for computer work, or for watching television? Every part of it needs to fit your perfectly, and it should have the right support for what you prefer to do in your chair. How important is it that your chair matches the living room decor? Some people are happy with one eclectic piece, while others will want something that always matches all the living room decor from the drapery to the other living room furniture. Decide what’s important to you, and then consider the next step in choosing your comfy chair.

Consider the Feel

There are several things to think about here. It should feel soft, but firm enough to offer you support. The angle needs to be right for you; otherwise, you may find your knees pointed in a weird direction and it will get increasingly uncomfortable the longer you sit in it. The depth of the seat is important, depending on your leg length, and the width is important for your personal width and also how much space you like to have on either side of you. If you like to curl up in your chair you’ll need more width; if you prefer to feel snug you’ll want less.

Think About the Back

You need to think about your own back as well as the back of the chair. What will you be able to sit in long term? The height of the chair is an important consideration in matching your living room decor, but the lumbar support is most important when it comes to keeping you feeling great for long periods of sitting. If you read or use your computer, you’ll want neck support; but if you prefer to use your chair to sit in while you talk, you’ll likely want something with a shorter back that feels best when you’re sitting up straight. You can also use pillows to support the back, make the seat a bit more shallow, or provide an accent to the overall living room decor.

Arms for Your Arms

This is a matter that is entirely personal preference. Some people can’t stand a chair without arms, but others are equally put off by one that has them. It all depends on how you want to sit in the chair and how the chair is shaped. Some chairs without arms are horribly designed; others with arms are the same. Generally speaking, being able to rest your arms is relaxing, but not if the shape is wrong. Always test your chair before you buy.

Quality is King

Finally, never choose a chair just because it’s comfy without considering the quality of the item. This not only determines how long it will remain comfortable, but how long it will be usable at all. It’s always best to choose the best quality chair that your budget can manage because the quality will affect the frame, the support under the seat, and the filling inside. You want a chair that doesn’t creak or wobble, is well padded on all the corners, is not hollow in the center of the back, and is free of any sharp edges. The stuffing should feel firm and yet soft, and it should bounce back to original shape after you press down on it.

A great chair is an important part of a great living room decor. It should also be a piece that you can love for years to come and that provides you with a comfortable and inviting place to sit and engage in your favorite activities. Look for a furniture store with plenty of selection and take your time to find just the right chair for you.

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