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Building and Buying Custom Homes

Everyone needs somewhere to live, and if a person is not renting an apartment space, then they are living in a house, either in a suburban or a rural location, and there are many factors going into how to build a house and how to choose the right one to buy. Meanwhile, a person who does not want to buy a home that looks the same as all the others can instead contract local crews of custom home builders who will instead draw up blueprints for a custom house and build it. Custom estate homes, for example, are a great and attractive option for those who want a house just the way they want it, and custom home builders can get the job done once hired. What are some trends of finding homes for sale and getting custom home built? What does the real estate market look like today?

Home Buyers

The real estate is a varied one. Some people looking for homes are middle aged or older, and they know exactly what they are looking for in a home and may have the budget for a bigger and fancier house, while other home buyers are entering the market for the first time. In fact, 32% of home buyers, nearly one in three, is looking for a house for the first time. Many of these first-time buyers belong to the Millenial generation, those born between 1982-1995, and these young adults need a place to live once they move out of their parents’ home or apartments to find more permanent residence. The Harvard Joint Cente4r For Housing Studied, for one, has predicted that over the next 10 years or so, Millenials will form some 23 million new households across the nation. And a lot of growth, Millenial or otherwise, will take place for suburbs; over the next 10 years, 80% of residential growth will be in suburban communities.

What are these home buyers looking for? They may want a used home for the lower price, and this means checking every part of the home in person to see what maintenance issues present themselves. There are many different things to consider in a used home, with some common issues being worn out carpeting or warped floorboards, damaged drywall, drafty windows or doors, wall sockets that don’t work, damage to wooden surfaces, termite damage, or old toilets or sinks with low water efficiency. A home will also be examined for its number of rooms and how big they are, and different households will have different needs for bedrooms, bathrooms, shared space, and more based on the number of occupants and their ages. New homes will probably not have maintenance issues, but even these single family homes or urban townhomes might not have the right price or number of rooms that a buyer is looking for.

Why Hire Custom Home Builders?

Those with both the budget and the interest may bypass the real estate market entirely and instead commission custom home builders to design and construct the home that they would like. Often, such clients are in upper income brackets and may already own the land where a custom home will be built, and such a place may be a vacation home or an estate. These clients can have total control over this home’s aspects, from its total square footage to the number of floors, the number of each type of room, the arrangement of those rooms, and materials inside. These homes can have all sorts of aspects modified, such as the exterior having brick, vinyl, or wood siding of different types, the placement of windows and doors, and interior matters such as where to put staircases or what kind of flooring to get. Some floors may be bare hardwood or bamboo plank floors, while others may have tile or carpeting of desired colors. If this is a vacation home, it may put emphasis not on having a lot of bedrooms, but instead a lot of room for personal activities, such as a home gym, a large entertainment room with couches and a projector, or even outdoor features such as a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen or grill, a wooden deck, or a sunroom or a small greenhouse. The possibilities are endless.

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