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A Look At The Importance of Thoroughly Cleaning Your Home

When we look at our homes, we often see nothing but beacons of safety, of comfort, of warmth. After all, the home is supposed to be the place that you can go to get away from the rest of the world, from the case of it, from the danger. Home is where the heart is, as the old saying goes, but what many people don’t realize is that there are threats in the home, the most sacred of spaces, too. From the paint we use to the house cleaners we utilize, harmful chemicals abound in the vast majority of homes all throughout the United States. We can help to mitigate this damage, but it is first important that we become aware of it, and the methods that we can use to best counteract and fight it.

For one, the house cleaning services and cleaners that we choose have more of an impact than many people realize. In fact, the majority of house cleaners are so harsh that they help to raise the pollution levels inside your home to as high as five times the pollution levels that are found outside of the typical home space, out in the world and the outdoors. In fact, experts on this matter have even gone so far as to estimate and speculate that around eighty percent of all the pesticides that we are exposed to in the world as a whole actually happens in the comfort and so called protection of our very own homes. For the vast majority of families, this will comes as a shocking fact. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take, such as ventilating well when you are in the process of cleaning and choosing house cleaners will less chemical side effects. Knowing what is in your house cleaners is hugely important, and many people have even begun to make their own house cleaners for this very reason. And making your own house cleaners can have a hugely positive effect, but it is, of course, very important that you do your research thoroughly before putting your home made house cleaners into use in your home, exposing your family to them.

Carpet cleaning is also particularly important, and especially so if you have dogs and pets, who are likely to spend more time low to the ground and at carpet level. While vacuuming on a regular (typically at least a weekly) basis can certainly make a difference, it has been found that even the most top of the line vacuum can only pick up about fifteen percent or so of the dirt that a carpet accrues over the course of time. For this reason, hiring professional carpet cleaning services on a regularly scheduled (at least annual for optimum cleanliness) basis is highly recommended and encouraged by experts in the field. If your carpet is not cleaned on a regular basis by your own methods (such as vacuuming) as well as professional carpet cleaning services, it is likely to gather so much dirt that it would weigh eight times its original weight if held up. For you and your children, this can lead to an increased risk of developing or worsening allergies as well as other such respiratory problems. Therefore, it is incredibly important to clean your carpet – and clean it thoroughly.

For similar reasons, cleaning your upholstery is likewise crucial to the overall cleanliness and safety of your home environment. Upholstery cleaning should be conducted at least every twenty four months (or two years, as put into other terms) in order to retain the integrity of the upholstery as well as prevent the build up of dirt as well as bacteria. However, many professionals will recommend cleaning it as frequently as every year, or every twelve months. If you live in a household that has young children, animals, or both, professional upholstery cleaning services should be brought in more frequently than in a home without such inhabitants.

From carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning to general house cleaning products, the safety of your home is, in many ways, up to you. Cleaning your home very thoroughly is a hugely important thing.

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