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5 Wedding Decoration Tips to Stick Within Your Budget

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Weddings can be extremely expensive. After you factor in the large costs, including the food, drinks, hall rental, and attire, you still have to cover the costs of the smaller details. All of these minor decisions and decorative features can add up in costs. Before you know it, you are spending thousands of dollars over your initial wedding budget. Keep these wedding detail recommendations in mind to stick within your budget and to cut costs.

Create your own centerpieces
The reception is already expensive enough. You are paying for all of your guests to eat, drink, and dance. Why should you also pay large fees for the single decoration on each table? Creating your own centerpieces can significantly reduce the costs of these added details. Use silk or paper flowers for a unique, yet cost effective decoration approach. Use a lot of candles for a romantic feel, without the high costs of up lighting. Craft supply stores often sell these items at cheaper prices and you can create a beautiful wedding centerpiece on a limited budget.

Have a backyard wedding
If you compile your family and friends together, you are likely to find that you have many talented resources. Hire a friend to provide the food for the wedding. Utilize a family member?s large backyard for the wedding itself. Use your crafting niece to create beautiful outdoor wedding decorations. Rent an outdoor tent, chair rentals, and a makeshift dance floor for a backyard wedding. Backyard weddings are perfect for summer time weddings. Just make sure that you have an outdoor weather backup plan, such as renting chairs and tables inside of a tent. Most complete event rental companies fit within any budget and can provide a weather proof outdoor tent.

Rent your chairs and tables
Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding, renting your chairs and tables can be a great way to cut costs. Renting chairs and tables come in all types of budgets, making it easy to find one that works within your budget. Also, consider doubling the purpose of your linen rental, using it both to protect the tables and to serve as added decoration for your event. Renting chairs and tables are an essential aspect of the party planning and entertainment industry. Small and large scale events, such as baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, meetings, conferences, family reunions, and school reunions, require seating for guests.

Decorate with elegant chairs
You have to pay for chair rentals for weddings anyways, why not also use them as a decoration? This could cut down on your decoration budget costs. Instead of renting the generic tables and chairs, consider going with a more elegant and upscale option. Your guests will notice the difference and you won?t have to spend as much on decorations. If you are hosting an event for which you will need a rental tent, it makes sense to rent your tables, chairs, and linens from the same company.

Stick with a consistent theme
Sticking with a theme can help to accomplish your dream wedding, while also keeping you within a budget. Choose three main colors to create a theme, and then carry those colors throughout with accessories like napkins, plates, place cards, paper pomp oms, pennants, or balloons. When you are renting chairs and tables, choose them in a generic color that complements your theme colors nicely.

Many engaged couples end up spending way more than they budgeted on their wedding. This is often because couples forget to include things like decorations or table and chair rentals within the budget. Fortunately, there are ways to cut down on these expensive costs. You can DIY all of your table centerpieces, create a double purpose for the tables linens, rent your chairs and tables, and stick with a consistent theme.

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