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The cost of living in Pasadena, Texas, is 11.1% less than the Texas average and an amazing 19.2% less than the national average. That shows in the city’s affordable rental rates, which allow luxurious living for less than you might expect. As of 2014, the national average for a two-bedroom apartment is $957; in Pasadena, you can expect nice amenities in that price range. Here are five different apartment plans to consider when looking for your next place, along with some pros and cons of each.

Simple Studio
If you’re really looking for a cheap apartment, Pasadena has quite a few studios to offer. The savings don’t end with low rent, either; remember that a smaller space means lower heating/cooling costs and less money spent on apartment furniture.
Standard Apartment
Apartment complexes often offer amenities that make renting easy and enjoyable. Depending on the community, you’re likely to have access to a pool and other facilities. And, best of all, ongoing costs like lawn maintenance and garbage disposal are often included in the monthly rent.
Modern Loft
It’s true that more of these will be available in Houston. But even if you can’t find a high-floor loft in Pasadena, you can get some of that modern feel by looking for an open floor plan. By keeping furnishings modern and sparse, you can get all the advantages of loft life along at suburb prices.
A townhome or row house offers the best of both worlds. By renting one, you get the feeling of having your own defined space, but with fewer responsibilities than a detached house. And if you’re renting, frequent complaints like having to coordinate with your neighbors over exterior fixes and remodeling will be your landlord’s problem.
If you’re ready for the space a house offers—but not ready for the financial plunge of buying—there are plenty of houses available for rent (about 38% of Pasadena houses are occupied by renters, rather than homeowners). Just make sure you negotiate with your landlord who is responsible for lawn maintenance and other ongoing care (and get it in writing in your apartment lease), and be prepared for higher utility costs.

As of 2014 nearly 5% of apartments in Pasadena, Texas, are available for rent, so hop on an apartment locator and start looking at various apartment plans today to figure out which one is right for you! Research more here.

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