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4 Ways that Adults Can Benefit From Footed Pajamas Just as Much as Kids

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When it comes to footed pajamas adults seem to think that they are too good for them. However, onesies pajamas are not just for kids, they have some very real benefits for adults if you can look past the idea that footed pajamas were initially created to keep babies warm without a blanket to prevent SIDs. Here are a few benefits regarding footed pajamas adults can glean from.

They Can Help Your Own Toddlers Go to Bed
Think about it- kids love to match. They think it’s hilarious when their parents pretend to put on their clothes or have clothes that match their own. So, why not do this in the realm of pajamas? If you have a hard time getting your toddler to brush their teeth or take a bath or even eat, what do you do? You show them how to do it, right? Pajamas are no different. If your toddler refuses to get into his or her pajamas because they know it means bedtime is fast approaching, simply slip into your own footed pajamas and show them how fun it can be. It’s probably a good idea not to whisk them off to bed immediately after putting on their pajamas otherwise they may stop trusting to and think that you are just trying to trick them.

They Can Regulate Your Temperature
When we sleep, we tend to toss and turn; some of us more than others. The blankets come and go during the night. Add that to the oscillating fan that is sometimes blowing on you and the AC that turns off and on periodically through the night- your core temperature can fluctuate immensely throughout the entire night. However, sleeping in footed pajamas adults have found that they can enter a deeper realm of sleep and wake up feeling more rested and ready for the day than they did before their days of footed pjs. You may feel like these types of pajamas are not attractive but that should hardly be the point. If you can get better sleep through the night, your quality of living during the day will be so much higher. You’ll be much more productive at work and able to give your focus entirely to the things that need you, such as those kiddos that have a hard time going to bed.

They’ll Keep Creepy Crawlers Away
Regular pajamas have so many openings; ankles, waist band, button spaces, etc. Things like mosquitoes, ants and spiders have free reign to every part of your body when you wear normal pajamas like t-shirts and shorts. But with a good zip up footed pajamas adults and children alike wake up bite free because the pests can’t find a way in. You may think that your home is clean enough that you don’t get those kinds of bugs but you’re wrong. Those kinds of creepers have nothing to do with the cleanliness of your home. They are looking to get away from the cold air outside and are looking for warm, dry areas where they can eat. You could lather yourself up in bug repellent before going to bed and place lavender plants around the room, but it would be so much easier to simply zip up from neck to toe and sleep comfortably.

They Travel Well
How many times have you opened your suitcase when you reach your destination and found that you forgot your pajama top or bottoms? If you have footed pajamas, then there’s no chance of forgetting just one part of them. Either you forget your pajamas entirely or not at all. Chances are, you’re going to love your footies so much that you would never forget them when going out of town.

If you don’t believe that you could truly love a piece of clothing so much, then you’ve never tried footed pajamas. Even if you just put them on as a joke or to help your kids, once they’re on, you’re never going to want to take them off. You’ll probably have to buy a few sets so that you never have to go a night without them if they need to be washed.

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