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You’ve decided it’s time to move to a new city, and now it’s time to find an apartment. Trouble is, you’re too far away to see any of them. What do you do? If you’re looking to start your long distance move, here’s a few tips on how to find the best apartments when looking to move to a completely new state.

When looking for apartment rentals in a new city, use the internet to do research on the different neighborhoods that you may decide to live in. Check the local newspaper for city apartment listings, while also taking note of which part of the city they are. If you want to see the building, enter the address into a map with street view capabilities. This is the best way to get a good look at the building, as well the surrounding area.

Utilize social media to create a network in the area. When moving out of state, inform your social media circles of the move, asking them for assistance with renting an apartment. Chances are someone will know someone in the area who can help. If there is no one in your network nearby, look for community forums to ask for feedback from locals.

If all else fails, the best way to find the right apartment rental is to visit the city yourself. Write down a few of the best apartments you find on your search, and then plan a weekend to visit the area. This will help you get a feel for the city, get you familiar with the area, and ensure that you will love your new apartment from moving day. If you can’t fly out, look for apartments with a short-term loan and continue the search for your perfect apartment when you move into the area. Happy hunting!