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A recent survey completed for the National Association of Landscape Professionals by Harris Poll found that about 75 percent of Americans felt it was important to spend time in their yard. However, for most people, this isn?t a pleasant and relaxing experience unless the space has a well thought out landscape design.

Those who are new to the idea of landscaping, it can be beneficial to visit a local nurseries and garden centers to find out what types of plants evoke the sensory feelings one enjoys. This can make brainstorming much easier and salespeople will be able to easily answer questions about the available plants.

Native Plants in the Landscape Design

Native plants are those species which are traditionally found in a specific geographic region. They are a great choice for homeowners who want a low maintenance yard that is also ecologically friendly. These plants are better adapted to the soil, temperature, precipitation levels, and pests so they require fewer pesticides, fertilizers, and typically require less watering. This is ideal for homeowners with limited experience in caring for high maintenance plants.

About 90 percent of homeowners surveyed indicated they preferred to use plants native to their region. It is far easier to find native plants at local garden centers which typically makes them less expensive options than those species that require a special order.

Creating a Focal Point

One of the key features in truly great landscape design is the creation of a focal point. One option is to add a water element such as a fish pond or fountain. This is a great choice for those who find the sound of running water soothing.

Another popular focal point is the creation of a grilling space. A patio or a deck creates a place from which the rest of the landscape design can be built. Walkways between the grilling station and the house can be lined with shrubs or flowers and the perimeter of the space can be similarly highlighted.

Busy homeowners typically want a gorgeous outdoor space where they can relax and entertain guests. Unfortunately, landscape design can be a labor and time intensive endeavor. For many, it makes far more sense to hire professional landscaping companies to create their oasis.