Best carpet cleaner

When you are cleaning your home, one of the last things you think to clean is your carpet. Here are three reasons your carpet deserves some tender loving care:

1. It Can Make You Sick

Carpets certainly are not the cleanest places on earth. With everything that gets tracked in onto it and stuck in it, you can be sure that there are quite a lot of bacteria living healthily in it. Not all of these bacteria want to let you live healthily on the carpet though; one virus, the Norovirus, causes stomach flues in a great number of people. It can actually survive on a carpet without quality carpet cleaning for more than a month. The best professional carpet cleaning service can make sure you and your carpet stay healthy!

2. There Mite be Mites

Even if you avoid letting in too much dirt or bacteria, you can be sure that your carpet is going to attract dust as if it were a magnet. Still, how much of an issue could it be if it isn’t even enough dust for you to see? Well, over the entire surface of your carpet, a little dust can actually end up being a lot. Two thousand dust mites can live happily on just an ounce of dust; that is not a distinguishable amount when spread over a carpet. Take care to clean it every once in a while, even if you haven’t spilled anything!

3. They Emit Gas

In addition to all the other dirt and dander that a carpet can collect, carpets are also very efficient at trapping gas underneath their furry exterior. After a while, the gas will begin to leak out into your home, providing all sorts of lovely chemicals to passersby. Be sure to get quality carpet cleaning every once in a while to avoid this! How often do you clean your carpets? Helpful info also found here: