Portrait of happy young man touching his pregnant wife bellyStylist Estee Stanley had a second child recently. She knows quite well about dressing particularly when you are pregnant. She opines that if have you have to true when you are pregnant. You should not think that you will look odd in tight clothes. If you are wearing tight clothes then it is fine.

The Suggests the following stylish tips on how to look stylish:

Stick With What You Like
When you are pregnant, you need to be overly conscious about your clothing. Take an example of Gisele [Bündchen]. She wore what she felt perfect and fitting. She always wears jeans with motorcycle jacket even in nine months pregnancy.

Embrace Lyrca
When you have pregnancy of five, six, or 7 months, try to accentuate your stomach to make it sexy. To look more beautiful, I will suggest you to wear lyrca dresses.

Build Around Chic Denim
Stanly said “I love to wear jeans because I am a pants girl”. Therefore, wear what makes you comfortable. During the period of pregnancy, I will recommend you Ali Larter‘s dark denim trousers. They are really adjustable for pregnant women.

Wrap it Up
Stanly recommends wearing a wrap dress like the dress of Tiffani Thiessen.  She claims that there are no annoying buttons and that has also a nice neckline.

Keep it Simple
Stanly says that pregnant women look more attractive in dark and solid color dresses. If you are thinking that black suit will not suit you then you are living in the fool’s paradise.